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Thank you for investing in the potential and life changing initiatives of our clients and their families and for contributing to the longevity of Goldenrod Community! Please consider becoming a sustaining donor to invest in this work for the long haul.

Become a Sustaining Donor!


$50 Monthly Donation

A monthly donation of $50 can provide the essential hygiene and menstrual supplies for a client and their family members. By eliminating that cost, we can ensure a safer and more stable household for each client.

$100 Monthly Donation

A monthly donation of $100 can cover the transportation needs for a client. Our rides are scheduled for clients who need rides to court dates, medical appointments, job interviews and grocery shopping.


$200 Monthly Donations

A monthly donation of $200 can cover the cost to provide training, virtual and in person classes, supplies needed and internet. Our training focuses on empowering our clients to grow and gain sustainable income and a livable wage.

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